Basic Users Guide

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Classic layout

The 'classic' layout is the default layout. So let's start by taking a look at the default calendar generated:

$ callirhoe default.pdf

Click on this link to get the generated file, here is a screenshot of it: images/basic/default-pdf.png

Same as above, but in landscape mode (3x4). To me, it looks better, for printing. But for screen viewing, you will have to rotate the page in your pdf viewer.

$ callirhoe --landscape default-landscape.pdf

To create a rotated pdf appropriate for screen viewing, you have to specify a pseudo-a4 page with width > height. The shortcut "a4w" becomes handy (see the program arguments documentation for more information).

$ callirhoe --paper=a4w --rows=3 default-rot.pdf

How about rainbow color style and sloppy geometry?

$ callirhoe --paper=a4w --rows=3 -s rainbow -g sloppy default-rot-sloppy.pdf

Curious about plain black & white style?

$ callirhoe --paper=a4w --rows=3 -s bw default-bw.pdf

Bars layout

Now add option -t bars to the examples above, to enable "bars" layout. Bars is using by default 2 rows.

$ callirhoe -t bars bars.pdf

Or rotated (landscape):

$ callirhoe --paper=a4w -t bars --rows=1 bars-rot.pdf

Maybe disable shadows and try smaller padding. And let's use the rainbow color style:

$ callirhoe --paper=a4w -t bars --rows=1 --padding=0.5 --no-shadow -s rainbow bars-rot-pad.pdf

Or just use plain bw style:

$ callirhoe --paper=a4w -t bars --rows=1 -s bw bars-bw.pdf

Sparse layout

Sparse layout is similar to bars layout but gives a more flat look and may also consume more space. Note that you should use the bw_sparse style with this layout.

$ callirhoe --paper=a4w -t sparse -s bw_sparse --cols=6 sparse-rot.pdf

Since we ask for 6 months/page, we get a 2-page pdf file for the whole year: images/basic/sparse-rot-pdf-0.png images/basic/sparse-rot-pdf-1.png