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Classic layout

gfs style, 1x1, 12 pages

gfs style, 2x2, 3 pages

gfs style, 3x4

bw_gfs style, 1x1, 12 pages

bw_gfs style, 2x2, 3 pages

bw_gfs style, 3x4

rainbow_gfs style, 1x1, 12 pages

rainbow_gfs style, 2x2, 3 pages

rainbow_gfs style, 3x4

rainbow_gfs style, 3x4, sloppy

Bars layout

gfs style, 1x12

bw_gfs style, 1x12

rainbow_gfs style, 1x12

Sparse layout

bw_sparse_gfs style, 1x4, 3 pages

bw_sparse_gfs style, 1x6, 2 pages


Classic layout

gfs style, 4x3

bw_gfs style, 4x3

rainbow_gfs style, 4x3

Bars layout

gfs style, 1x6, 2 pages

bw_gfs style, 1x6, 2 pages

rainbow_gfs style, 1x6, 2 pages

Sparse layout

bw_sparse_gfs style, 1x3, 4 pages